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The Dan Eldon site is actually


--Molly Schwartzburg

On Tue, 23 Sep 2003, Velma Bolyard wrote:

> Justin,
> The journals of Dan Eldon (former Reuters photographer) are particularly
> compelling for young people. I used The Journey is the Destination with
> my high school emotionally disturbed boys last year with great praise
> and results (from them). My daughter is very interested in Dan's work
> and life and is formulating a major research paper on him.
> www.daneldon.com is a very helpful site.
> Velma Bolyard
> Justin Miller wrote:
> >  I teach photography in high school. My advanced students assemble their
> >work into books as a form of portfolio and presentation. I am trying to
> >give them an outlet for thier work that incorperates more than just
> >dry-mounting them for competition.
> >
> >  Are any of you aware of websites or other source that I could direct
> >them to for examples of other artists who use the book format for thier
> >work. I want something that doesn't just show photographs on pages, but
> >composes fine art books with photography as a primary media. I am even
> >interested in montage or colage work using photographs.
> >
> >  Any help would be appreciated.
> >
> >Justin Miller
> >

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