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Re: [BKARTS] Reminder - Exhibition Opening at CBA tomorrow evening

Please don't imply a place when you can say what it is
right up front. And don't assume I know beforehand
who you are or where you are.

Too much time is wasted trying to find out whether what
you propose applies to me -- and too many messages
like yours.

Thank you.

Alan Shalette
Albuquerque NM

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From: "The Center for Book Arts" <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2003 2:26 PM
Subject: Reminder - Exhibition Opening at CBA tomorrow evening

| If you are in town, please come by for the opening tomorrow evening
| Thursday, September 25, 6 to 8 pm
| Rory Golden
| An Exhibition of Political Book Art
| In every era books have been created to influence people's actions and
| decisions. In ancient times the priests of Egypt made books that controlled
| the belief system of their civilization and secured the power of themselves
| and their Pharaoh. During the Inquisition the Catholic Church controlled
| what books could exist. The spread of literacy through printing advanced the
| Reformation in the 16th Century as books changed the way people thought and
| shifted political power. Books fomented the French and American Revolutions
| in the 18th Century. In the 19th Century political cartoons were a powerful
| force.
| During the 20th Century artists took to the presses, and worked to change
| the way we view the world. The manifestos of the Constructivists and the
| Futurists shook the pillars of accepted Art. The Bauhaus artists promoted
| their visions through books. By the last quarter of the century, thousands
| of individual artists were producing books to express themselves.
| Our current exhibition presents the work of over 40 artists who use the book
| form to incite the viewer to action. Some of the works focus on the
| environment, others on war, racism, or personal issues like sex and gender
| relations. The works are not just intended to inform or entertain-the
| artists want you to DO SOMETHING!
| Featuring works by Seana Biondolillo, Gaza Bowen, Kyle Bravo, Sue Coe &
| Holly Metz, Critical Art Ensemble, John Fekner, Guerilla Art Action Group,
| Davd Homer, Nora Ligorano & Marshall Reese, Barbara Kruger, Tuli Kupferberg,
| Miranda Maher, Scott McCarney, Josh McPhee, Dona Ann McAdams, Louise
| Neaderland, Joseph Nechvatal, Gilles Peress, Roxy Paine, Stephan Petroff,
| Adrian Pipper, Susan Rotolo, Annie Sprinkle, Melissa Shook, David Thorne,
| Jean Toche, Larry Walczak, Carrie Mae Weems, John Wood and others.
| Curated by Sharon Gilbert and Richard Minsky
| Dates: September 25 - December 5, 2003
| Hours: Monday through Friday, 10 am to 6 pm, Saturday 10 am to 4 pm, Closed
| Sundays
| Location: 28 W. 27th Street, Third Floor ²New York, NY 10001

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