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Re: [BKARTS] BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 24 Sep 2003 to 25 Sep 2003 (#2003-265)

On 9/26/03 0:00, "Automatic digest processor" <LISTSERV@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Subject: slightly OT:  e-paper, one step closer
> "HOT ON THE HEELS of the invention of a wafer-thin foldable screen
> that can display static type and may one day replace newspapers as it
> can be overwritten each day, scientists at Philips Research in
> Eindhoven have found a way to display high-definition moving pictures
> as well.
>      Using a process called electrowetting, the scientists claim to
> be able to manipulate colored oils in the pixels on the page with
> such speed and accuracy as to be able to generate clear and accurate
> video displays."
 and next it will be e-text books

In the today's news in Boston is a request before the legislature to
consider regulating the weight load of text books for children's back packs.

I hope we never forget the power of the printed page. Although admittedly
I'm not subscribing to dailies and have come to rely on the www for
information.  I also used to have multiple library cards now I have 2.

Mary Taylor

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