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Re: [BKARTS] Britain to return plundered Ethiopian book

genocide . . . Ha!  don't look now Deborah but there just may be Ethiopians
living in the UK. If we are going to go back to the good old days, then we had
better go all the way, so say good-bye to all your modern conveniences and
lets all move back home.  Home is here and now for the multiethnic!  One can
overreact and come up with lots of great excuses for the past but when it comes
down to it, what should be determined is who can best preserve the manuscript
for the future, and who is the audience of something made in the past. I would
say that the cultural heritage of that manuscript is just as foreign today in
Ethiopia as it is in Oxford.  We are that far away from our past.
I see this in my native American heritage, (Blackfoot, Cherokee, Algonquin,
that's American Indian for the normal people out there) people seem to forget
that what we look upon as native American is an abstraction, (as opposed to how
everyone actually were), and it is gone, long gone, and a lot of it might
never have existed except in the imaginations of many distinguished professors
and film producers.  We always forget about the native Americans who are not on
their reservations who are not even red skinned anymore, the heritage is
intact but only if you care to look for it.  Or are you assuming that just because
people live in our modern world they don't know who they are because you want
them to behave in a certain manner, based on the cultural ideal you determined
they are supposed to have! That is something you will never achieve because
people will be themselves.   What is needed is to teach people about their
heritage everywhere, not just the people who now live in the ancestral home, and
what if you find out that the people in the ancestral home are in fact
transplants, not native, do you diss them too! You need to expand your horizons and
realize that the culture of any particular place in the world is not limited to
that location but is all over and in people who do not look the part!  Skin
color is not a determination of cultural heritage, the lives of people are our
cultural heritage!

My ancestors were just as "natural" and politically correct as you want, of
course they did hunt the Mammoth and those huge elks to extinction, but that is
not something we say out loud, we might offend some college students!
 I live now, not in the past, and we are a diverse culture right here, all
you have to do is look and talk to people and find out who they are and where
they come from! I think our cultural heritage should be preserved for future
generations, to do that means that some things end up in museums and everyone can
see them! Otherwise we risk loosing everything.  Don't put all your eggs in
one basket!


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