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Re: [BKARTS] Britain to return plundered Ethiopian book

Think of all the palimpsests out there- parchment manuscripts scraped
clean of their ink and information so that the support could be used for
another book or document, or all the sorts of things found lining
spines, or under pastedowns.

I'm working on an account book right now at work, from the 1830's that
was pasted over with newspaper clippings not long after the original ink
dried.  Now, my curators see the accounts as more important, so I'm
removing the clippings. (don't worry, they've been saved as much as
possible and documented...)

I get the feeling that in times past, people cared much less about
preserving everything.  Items - be they firewood, parchment, or
whatever- were in short supply.  Practicality ruled decision-making much
more than today.  I suppose we could just as easily imagine these monks
as being cold, short on food, and hey- here's a handy supply of fuel...
We've become a civilization of pack-rats

-Doug Sanders

> Agreed, it's nice that the
> manuscripts were saved from the fire -- and I can't imagine the monks
> chose to burn them without a great deal of soul-searching, conflict, =
> and
> perhaps even without their consent -

> > One of the great arguments is over the return of the Codex Siniatic=
> us to a
> > monastery in the Sinai desert.  The German who found it in the firs=
> t place came
> > upon the monks who were using it and other manuscripts as kindling =
> for the
> > fire.  And much of that manuscript was lost to heat that monastery.=

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