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Re: [BKARTS] Britain to return plundered Ethiopian book

At the risk of provoking a landslide of protest, from the viewpoint of this
artist we "preserve" entirely too much. The claim to ownership, preservation
and storing of objects - be they art, artifacts, historical documents or
whatever - is the business of culture and politics (and, not incidentally, provides
numbers of people with interesting and approved paid activity). There come's a
point when any person wishing to create must throw caution to the wind and
make with whatever is at hand, regardless of how long it might last and who (or
what government) is likely to claim it as spoils at a later date. Again from my
personal perspective, the act of creating is an entirely different activity
from those of commissioning, purchasing, stealing, looting, securing,
conserving or preserving. The first, speaking very generally, is apolitical (unless you
count the making of art as a political statement in and of itself). The
second, more often than not, is culture imbedded in politics or vice versa. Okay,
don't all throw stones at once (smile). Barbara Harman

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