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[BKARTS] Now completed Lugt's Répertoire online, 1600-1900

Now completed Lugt's Répertoire online, 1600-1900
IDC Publishers is pleased to announce that Lugt's Répertoire online
(www.idcpublishers.info/lugt) is now complete. With the addition of
Volume 3 (1861-1900) the total number of records available is almost
60,000. Although Lugt's Répertoire online is now completed, recently
discovered catalogs will constantly be added and corrections to the
original work will be made.

The addition of Volume 3 (almost 33,000 new records) will not lead
to an increase of the subscription price. The price for an annual
subscription will remain EUR 175 ($ 175 in the Americas). For
customers who decide to subscribe for a five year period, IDC has a
speical offer, valid until December 31, 2003. The price for a five
year subscription is EUR 750 ($750 in the Americas), which  means a
discount of EUR 125 ($125).

Willemijn Lindhout

IDC Publishers
P.O. Box 11205
2301 EE Leiden
The Netherlands

Phone +31 (0)71 514 27 00
Fax: + 31 (0)71 513 17 21
E-mail: wlindhout@xxxxxx
Internet www.idc.nl

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