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Re: [BKARTS] Mat or Guillotine

Hi Kevin

I distribute both kutrimmers lever trimmers and guillotine cutter (also
called ream cutters).  The following are my comments:

1. The limitations on guillotine cutters are: A. you have limited cutting
length capacity unless you spend bid amounts.  For example, we offer a bls/dahle
ream cutter that can cut an equivalent of 200 sheets of paper but its cut
length is only 17" so you can't cut larger bookboard.  This costs around $700
including a spare blade.

2. On the kutrimmer issue, perhaps you are using a large cutter to cut a
small piece.  It should be cutting straight but perhaps you could get better
results if you use a smaller kutrimmer for your smaller jobs.  There is just less
distortion on a shorter blade than a long blade just going through a short
piece.  A good smaller choice in the kutrimmer is model 2035 with 13.8" of cut
length. It also has an automatic clamp that hold the board firmly in place.  Cost
is $179 with free shipping.

If you like you can send in a sample and I can cut it for you on the 2035

kind regards,

Pedram Fanian
c/o     s i g n e t    a n d i n o    c o.
1506-75 Graydon Hall Dr.
Toronto, Ontario  M3A 3M5  Canada

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