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Re: [BKARTS] sound maybe

I just found the sound chip you are looking for in Clotilde's fall catalog.

Page 70 # 511007 Message memory.  Record a special message  Perfect for
dolls, quilts,holiday cards, photo albums.  Records a 10 second message and
plays over 500 times on one set of batteries (included)  Adhesive backing
attatches to any project.  Removable sticker indicates location of play
button.  Message can be rerecorded.  2 1/4 inches square.  (Looks pretty
flat)  However they are 12.00 apiece.  On the other hand kids don't seem to
balk at 50.00 for a nintendo game!

The web site is www.clotilde.com


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> It might be interesting (and cheaper!) to see how much sound the students
> can create just using the pop-up mechanisms themselves to create

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