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Re: [BKARTS] University of Iowa Center for the Book Campaign

We're pleased of course that Terry asks.

The most convenient process for us -- and we think for donors -- is to
follow the path suggested in the final sentence of my initial posting:

Click the link to http://www.uiowa.edu/~ctrbook, look for the phrase "A
giving opportunity," click again, and make a gift today.........

The link takes you to the Center for the Book home page. (You might want to linger a moment on the "Book & Paper Store" or other pages). The phase in which "A giving opportunity" occurs is an active link to a page on the University of Iowa Foundation web site. At the end of a short text, there is an opportunity to request a gift page. This in turn gives you fields in which to place name, address, amount of gift, etc. If you charge your gift to a credit card, you can complete the entire transaction online in a couple of minutes. If you'd prefer to send a check, there is an option for that as well: the Foundation will mail you a pledge sheet that assures your gift is correctly credited to the Center. Either of these processes sets up an error-free gift record, correctly spits out instructions for acknowledgements, etc., etc.

If you'd really rather mail a check to an apparent human, you're welcome to
make them payable to "UI Foundation," indicate they are intended to support
the Center, and mail them to me.  My address line below is adequate.

It goes beyond Terry's question, but his question invites a brief comment
on institutional fundraising these days. The cost, at least to a larger
institutions, of handling a gift in the form of a $25 check is now, I'm
told, creeping up on $25, since the giving record must be created by staff
and the check itself handled by a number of people, each of whom add a mite
to overhead.  Using a semi-automated online process assures that more of
your gift goes to the purposes you intend to support, less to

At 06:18 PM 10/7/2003 -0400, Terry Belanger wrote:
Open reply to SH: to whom should checks be made out, and where should they
be sent? -tb

At 05:57 PM 10/7/2003, you wrote:
This announcement is being posted to several lists: Please forgive

A generous friend of the University of Iowa Center for the Book has
offered a splendid opportunity: each year we're able to raise at least
$5000 in gifts from other donors, he will match those gifts with
$10,000.  Your gift of $25 or more in any or all of 2003, 2004, and 2005
will generate $75 or more in much needed support for the Center each year

To encourage your gift to this campaign, we offer a very Iowa premium.  A
day at the Iowa State Fair always includes a visit to the Butter Cow (see
http://www.iowastatefair.com/duffylyon.html ), a great beast sculpted
anew each year.  Book artist Emily Martin at her Naughty Dog Press has
printed a single eight and a half by eleven inch piece of card stock
which is cut and folded to create 24 panels. Six offer the challenge,
"Can You Find the Butter Cow?" Twelve note many other things you can do
at the State Fair.  And the Butter Cow is somewhere on the remaining
six.  While the route from challenge to Cow is fun, it is not obvious.

Torture yourself!  Amaze and mystify your friends and family!  All gifts
of $25 or more received before December 31, 2003 will be recognized with
your very own limited edition "Can You Find the Butter Cow?", returned
promptly by mail -- without the answer. When you give up in frustration
but before you tear the darn thing up, you'll be able to visit the Center
web page, put in your assigned code, and get the instructions.  No
reverse engineering please!

Click the link to http://www.uiowa.edu/~ctrbook, look for the phrase "A
giving opportunity," click again, and make a gift today.........

Cordially ............................. Sid Huttner * Head, Special
Collections * The University of Iowa Libraries *  Iowa City, Iowa 52242-1420

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