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Re: [BKARTS] J. Hewit & Sons - Skin Deep Volume 15

Please excuse the cross-posting of this message.

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce the publication of Skin Deep, vol.16, Autumn 2003
at: http://www.hewit.com/skindeep.htm

The Silver Kelmscott Chaucer - James Brockman tells the story of this most
unusual binding, a collaborative work by Rod Kelly and himself.  To go
directly to this article click here http://www.hewit.com/sd16-kc.htm

How to Modify a Spokeshave for Paring Leather - A step-by-step guide for
adapting your new spokeshave for paring leather.   To go directly to this
article click here http://www.hewit.com/sd16-ss.htm

How to Make a Single Section Binding - Following our decision to sell a
'beginners' pack of Bookbinding tools and materials we are now pleased to
offer the newer bookbinders amongst you, a simple binding project to follow.
To go directly to this article click here http://www.hewit.com/sd16-sb.htm

A Short Binding Story  - Susan Allix recounts how she was inspired to bind
'The Golden Temple Mail'. To go directly to this article click here

And last, but not least, there are the usual regular features:
'Product and Company News' -  http://www.hewit.com/sd16-comp.htm
'Study Opportunities' - http://www.hewit.com/sd16-stdy.htm
'Dates for your Diary' - http://www.hewit.com/sd16-date.htm

A full .pdf file of this edition (and back issues) of Skin Deep may be
downloaded from the 'Downloads' page on our web site at:

We hope that you enjoy reading this offering of Skin Deep


David Lanning
Sales Director

J. Hewit & Sons Ltd.
Mobile: 07947 754842
Voice Mail: +44 (0) 1494 435314

Edinburgh Numbers
Tel: +44 (0) 131 449 2206
Fax: +44 (0) 131 451 5081

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