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Re: [BKARTS] historical accuracy

<< At 11:00 AM 10/9/2003 -0500, Duncan wrote:

>I have a friend who is working on a low/no budget film.  The setting is
>the 1920's and the question is this, would someone in that period
>ever purchase a new book that had not been trimmed?  If they did purchase
>a new book and it was untrimmed, would that be more common
>for the 1920's or less common? >>

For what it is worth:
When I worked at the Cuneo Press in Chicago in the 70's, the annual project
was the Cuneo Christmas Book. Inserted into every book was the following note:

     "Your Christmas Book is bound in the time honored way of the early
bookworkers. The foredge has not been trimmed in order to preserve the original
beauty of the deckle edge paper used in this book. As a result, some pages are
uncut. They may be carefully cut with an ordinary letter opener, as it was done
during earlier days."

Historically accurate? Depends.

Bill Minter

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