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Re: [BKARTS] Marbling with Starch size

Dear Betty,
You stated it correctly.  I read it wrong!  (Duh!)  I checked my "Ultimate
Marbling Handbook" by Diane Maurer-Mathison.  Besides carrageenan she also
mentions a methyl cellulose size...but no cornstarch size.

Dorothy has been away for a couple weeks and I don't know when she is due
home.  She and other family members are on a cross country train trip in

Hand surgery must be terribly frustrating for someone who uses their hands
as much as you do. I have a whole bunch of scissor cutting ahead of me,
making Christmas cards.  Making an apple pie last week, I burned my thumb,
right where the scissors will sit.  Very frustrating!


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Subject: [BKARTS] Marbling with Starch size

> Has anyone used powdered cornstarch to make the size for marbling? If so,
> what is the proportion of starch to water?  And does it work well?
> Thanks,
> Betty
> PO Box 542
> Mendocino, CA
> 95460   707-937-2202
> storz@xxxxxxx

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