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Re: [BKARTS] Looking for paper hanging rack. . .

Printers, in particular screen printers, have a number of systems for storing (?) printed items while they are drying. These can vary from a full lay down rack for 
t-shirts to a self activating clothes peg for hanging up the printed piece (specially useful for banknotes (;-)
I realise that they are not for bulk storage but it occurs to me that a screen print supplier may well be able to help with your enquiry.
Try doing a google search for printers supplies.

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  From: Teresa Stroud 
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  Sent: Monday, October 13, 2003 10:19 PM
  Subject: [BKARTS] Looking for paper hanging rack. . .

  Like many of you, I have many fine art papers that I would like to store on
  a paper hanging rack - the kind of almost ladder-like configuration with
  dowel rods, similar to the old-fashioned newspaper racks at the library.  I
  would imagine that they are sold somewhere or maybe someone has worked out a
  woodworking pattern for them.  I have seen them at art supply stores
  including The Paper Source, but staff there do not know where these racks
  come from. . .

  Any suggestions?

  Thank you!

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