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[BKARTS] Stolen Historical Maps and Plates

Dear Jose Parrot-
Please would you post an English translation of entire list of missing plates 
and map,
which I could pass on to map collectors.
Thank you.

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> Date:    Mon, 13 Oct 2003 03:53:31 +0200
> From:    CulPropProtNet/MuSecNetwork <securma@xxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: (Fwd) Historical Maps and plates stolen in Brazil
> ------- Forwarded message follows -------
> From:                   "Parrot" <parrot@xxxxxxxxx>
> To:                     <securma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject:                Historical Maps and plates stolen in Brazil
> Ladies and gentlemen,
> Last july, thieves have stolen more than 500 pieces from the
> Itamarathy Palace Museum, the former headquarter of Foregein Affair
> Ministery of Brazil. Just now thiswas communicated to thepublic.
> We, patriots and lover of Brazilian History, are affraid about the
> destin of those pricelessancient maps, important to our culture and
> our memory. Please, help us in divulging this list. I can translate
> it, if needed.
> Following, a partial list of stolen maps and atlas, most from the
> XVIII century, some from the XVII. Also, attached, isa list
> ofcollections with photographs and plates.

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