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Re: [BKARTS] Printing Inquiry

Thomson Shore in Dexter, MI is a family-run, well established printer.  We
have used them for the Guild of Book Workers for many years.  They are very
easy to work with, and have very high standards.

Signa Houghteling, Editor
Guild of Book Workers Journal

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Subject: Printing Inquiry

Hello all,
I am writing once again on behalf of a client who is looking for a printer.
He is located in Ann Arbor, MI. Anyone with any recommendations, or who
wants to offer him the service, can respond to the list serv and I'll
forward the email(s) to him, or you can respond directly to him here:
Stanislav Shalunov binding@xxxxxxxxxx

He provides the following information about what he wants printed:

"I am interested in binding a small edition (half a dozen to a dozen
books) of family records.  I plan to do the typesetting and layout
myself and produce a PDF or PostScript file (currently I have it at
about 450 pages without an index that is still to be produced, but
that's on letter paper using a 12pt font).

My requirements for the printer are:

* Use an archival printing method.

* Use 2400dpi or higher resolution (I can handle up to 10000dpi).

* Be able to print on permanent paper (as in ISO 9706: pH >= 7.5,
  decent alkali reserve, tearing resistance, and low quantity of
  ionizable material) and supply or recommend the paper stock.
  Several copies would be printed on permanent paper (for cloth

* Be able to print on archival paper (as in ISO 11108: same as
  permanent plus 100% or close to 100% cotton rag and good folding
  endurance) and supply or recommend the paper stock.  One copy would
  be printed on archival paper (for leather binding).

* Be able to produce 16-page or greater signatures that would be
  usable in the bindery.

* Be able to print well-aligned pages so that lines of text on
  opposing and reverse sides line up well throughout the book (not
  just within a signature).

I very much appreciate your help!

P.S. One more consideration: the text is in Russian.  It should not
matter much as I'll be providing the PDF file.  To verify that the
orientation is correct page numbers should be sufficient, I would

Thanks for the help ahead of time.

Alex Appella

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