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[BKARTS] paper hanging rack

Importers sell the rack displays to the stores so that their paper can be
displayed. Paper Pleasures has some from importers but I also had one made. It is
a very simple construction of 1 x  3 pieces of wood, cut to the height you
want then hinged to form an upside down v shape. Holes for dowels were drilled,
then the dowels were glued in. Each one I have has the hinge for the upside
down V made differently.
    /------------------------/hinge here
   /------------------------/   \
  /------------------------/     \      the dowels are on both sides
 /------------------------/        \
/------------------------/          \

Now I'm not sure that my simple graphic will translate to different programs.
Hope this helps.
Paper Pleasures
270 Columbine Street
Denver, CO  80206
Tel: 303 370-1280
Fax: 303 370=1290

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