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Re: [BKARTS] paper hanging rack

I made one of these for myself, but instead of drilling holes for the
dowels, I placed L-shaped screw hooks along the face of both the front
and back "legs". This way I can lift the dowel from the rack and more
easily reach the sheet I want which might not be the top one.

Lavinia Adler

On Wed, 15 Oct 2003 16:55:30 EDT Alice Turak <ATURAK@xxxxxxx> writes:
>     /------------------------/hinge here
>    /------------------------/   \
>   /------------------------/     \      the dowels are on both sides
>  /------------------------/        \
> /------------------------/          \
> Now I'm not sure that my simple graphic will translate to different
> programs.
> Hope this helps.
> Alice
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> 270 Columbine Street
> Denver, CO  80206
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