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Re: [BKARTS] New York Central Art Supply

New York Central, had the bad fortune of structure damage done to the
wall they share with the building to the north.  Contractors were
gutting the
storefront and went too far into the wall they share with NY Cental.
It caused damage to the stairwell up to the paper floors and the city
shut them down
as well as evacuated all the tenants of the other building.
They have reopened the store but are only allowed to make a certain
of trips up the stairwell per day.  They are doing mail order through
the order dept
and work is going on to repair the damage asap.
In the mean time Talas is the best NY location to 'browse' for
decorative papers.
If you call their 800 number they will give you updates on the progress
being made.

On Sunday, Oct 19, 2003, at 12:52 US/Eastern, Lora Frisch wrote:

A few days ago I was in there but the second floor was closed.  That is
where the papers are.  They had a note up that you could ask for what
needed but like most people I like to spend some time looking.  From
conversations overheard I gathered they need to do some floor
repairs.  Does anyone know anything further?
Lora Frisch the left handed Bronx beader, chessplayer, stamper and

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