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Re: [BKARTS] New York Central Art Supply

where the papers are.  They had a note up that you could ask for what
needed but like most people I like to spend some time looking.  From
conversations overheard I gathered they need to do some floor
repairs.  Does anyone know anything further?

One of NY's higher quality contractor's was taking down the building next door and weakened NY Central's foundations. They told me that there were huge cracks appearing in the walls upstairs. (A manager there said the crew was the same one responsible in the accidental destruction of a building on Orchard street a few years ago.)

NY Central takes orders and then sends up an intrepid staffer once a
day to pull the order. So they will get you paper just not on a while
you wait basis.

This was the situation as of last Wednesday. I think they were hoping
to get repaired and back to normal in a week or two.


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