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Re: [BKARTS] Sad News

I'd like to bring to the attention of the book arts community sad news of
the passing of Stella Waitzkin, whom Guy Trebay called "the doyenne of New
York book artists," whose resin cast books and library walls helped to
give a sculptural foundation to the book arts movement. There is no
catalogue of her works, but Stella Waitzkin was a prolific artist who,
constantly kept busy, and must have created hundreds, if not thousands of
bookworks. She was also a dyed in the wool iconoclast and a great
interview.  In the course of a career that spanned over half a century she
never shrank from the occasion to articulate a point of view that I hope
will shock many of the readers of this list, which is to say I hope many
of you who don't know her work will somehow find the opportunity to get to
know it. Here is an example of Stella Waitzkin in usual form:  "Words are
lies. I make the books to get away from the word. When I make the books, I
feel like I'm telling folk stories; it's all there inside the book. You
don't have to necessarily read it, see, because you already know the whole
thing by heart."

Michael Joseph

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