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Re: [BKARTS] Changing to preservation

At 08:38 AM 10/21/2003 -0400, Dorothy Africa wrote:
I am sure neither of the posters to the list on this topic intended to be
insulting, but those of us who have spent a challenging and deeply
rewarding sojourn at the bench need not be dismissed as 'techs' who can be
lightly passed over by those intent on vaulting into a career in
preservation on the basis of having an MLS.   Learn the work, damn it.

Dorothy, et al.

A thousand pardons, I meant absolutely no disrespect to the people
who do the hands-on work. On the contrary, I have the greatest
respect (and more than a smidge of envy!) for the people who do
this delicate and often difficult work. (That's why I'm on this list,
even tho' it's only tangentially work-related!)

I was writing for someone not unlike myself, a librarian with limited
training/background in conservation. There is a legitimate need for
librarians with some background in conservation. (I think it should
be a required course in library school, personally)
But libraries also need people who can do the kind of evaluations
I mentioned. First of all deciding, for example, whether a library item
is even worth using precious conservation resources on, or whether
they should just try to get a new copy.

I was just trying to suggest a way, from my own limited experience,
in which she could legitimately combine her current profession with
her interest in preservation.


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