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[BKARTS] Bookbinding in Bolivia

Hello all,
How does an American and an Argentine end up teaching bookbinding workshops
in mining camps at over 12,000 feet in Bolivia, as part of an environmental
program funded by the Danish Foreign Embassy in La Paz?
We don't know either. But we were invited to go, and we went, and made books
with mining women who live in places where the weeds are just barely bold
enough to grow. There is a logic and an objective in all of this, of course.
The Danish Foreign Embassy funds a program called the Women Miners Plan
which, in turn, funds the Pilot Project
"Handmade Books: Expression, Repair, Production and Economic Alternative".
The production and commercialization of handmade books is proposed as a
pilot project to generate economic alternatives in the mining areas and to
diffuse nationally and internationally the reality, the identity and the
work of the women miners.
Photos and descriptions can be experienced here:
The site is still under construction, but there is plenty to peruse through
for now. It goes without saying that we learned much more from the
experience than we ever could have hoped to teach. Pending the return of
relative stability in Bolivia, we will be going back to the mining camps to
continue coordinating the Pilot Project "Handmade Books" throughout 2004.
Alex and Magu Appella
Icho Cruz, Province of Cordoba, Argentina

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