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[BKARTS] The Renaming of Red Wagon Bookworks

Hello Book Arts and Letterpress Folk:

Late last night, we announced to the Red Wagon email list the renaming of
Red Wagon Bookworks, and now I'd like to do the same for all of you. It's a
long story that I'm not telling anymore, because now we are focused on
what's ahead. Water under the bridge, as they say. And now, in a nutshell,
our new press name:


Convivio is an Italian word, translating to "feast" or "banquet." Those of
you who know our books may find it fitting; we do. We'd be most pleased if
you'd pay us a visit at our brand new website:


It contains not only a catalog of our handmade, letterpress-printed books
and broadsides (now with a secure shopping cart for ordering), but also
some other items of interest, including an on-line studio tour and the
Convivio Book of Days, a page that changes with each passing month. With
just a few days left in October, already it's time to get to work on what's

If we're in your address book, please update your records: from now on, we
can be reached at <mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>. Everything else--mailing
address, telephone--remains as it was before. Including the fact that we
are the same two guys with a printing press in our home, making books and
broadsides by hand. Hope you can visit.

Thank you, and write when you can,
        John, for

        John Cutrone and Seth Thompson
        Convivio Bookworks
        Lake Worth, Florida

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