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Re: [BKARTS] who's the author?

I'm no expert but it seems to be a book by Jean de la Varende, a
critique of Flaubert's autobiographical writings, published by Seuil
Press in a series called "écrivains de toujours" which we would
probably say "Famous Writers Series".


At 05:05 PM 10/24/03 -0700, you wrote:
>book and french experts,
>I'm rebinding a book and want to put the title and authors name on the
>spine. Problem: I can't figure out who the author is nor exactly how I
>should title it.
>The title page reads:
>la varende
>par lui-même
>écrivains de toujours
>aux éditions du seuil
>My translation software suggests:
>the varende
>by itself
>writers of always
>with the editions of the threshold
>This seems to be one book in a series? I can find virtually the same
>title for many other authors. Is this a book of the writings of
>Flaubert or writings about Flaubert? Any suggestions?
>Don Drake
>Dreaming Mind
>IM: stitchbyhand
>(510) 537-9711
David Allen
Beddall Bookbinding Conservation & Restoration
840 Snowdrop Avenue
Victoria, British Columbia
(250) 888-9380

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