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[BKARTS] library bindings

This question was posed to me by a co-worker. Anyone have any suggestions?? "Do you by any chance know of a book bindery that can put library bindings on paperbacks? I am not talking about hand-tooled leather, nor even collectable bindings, merely the library buckram type hardcovers that never give out. I have a few paperbacks that I'd like to have bound that way. It may be that these services do not accept private orders, and only find it worth their time to accept industrial orders." Do you have any advice about where he might send his books? *********************************************** Book_Arts-L subscriber gallery now at See the Book_Arts-L FAQ at: *Postings may not be re-printed in any form without the express consent of the author - Please respect their contributions & ©* Archive maintained and suppported by Conservation OnLine ***********************************************

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