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[BKARTS] Mail Art request

Dear Book Artists,
Below is a request for a MailArt entry that some of you might like to participate in. I know some areas of Book Arts ( handmade papermaking, small artist books, stamping, self-folding structures, etc) are part of the Mail Art Movement, and I invite you to help raise awareness of Mail Art by sending something along...
An excellent MailArt Resource is   http://www.infomuse.net/kristina/courses/605pathfinder/index.shtml
Thanks and best wishes,
Christine Tarantino

Dear fellow mailartists,
I recently gave an overview of mailart to a small group at a New England seaport art association. In an effort to raise awareness of mailart, the education director would like to display some pieces of mailart as well as introductory info so members, artists, and patrons can learn about mailart.
I am asking for your help.  Would you please send her some mailart and anything else she might use on the bulletin board to show what mailart is all about? I think I have her interested enough to consider having a Mailart Show in the galleries, so the pieces you send her now could easily be shown as a MailArt 101 type of exhibit along with whatever theme we come up with for a future show.
(Some of you might remember a Valentine's Day mailart show held last yr. in Newburyport at the Firehouse Cultural Center, this art association is just down the road from there)

I guess you might call this an unofficial call for entries, and if you would like more info please contact me.
Thanks so much.
Christine Tarantino (aka CHRISTAR)

Send mailart pieces and info directly to:
Sue Spellman, Education Director
65 Water Street
Newburyport MA 01950 USA

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