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[BKARTS] The Demise of Fine/Design bookbinding in America?

Hi Scott,

It seems to me that artist's books that you speak of represent a door
to the BOOKARTS that almost anyone can walk through.  Maybe they can
then discover what other, if any, direction they then wish to expand
into.  Or stay comfortable at a lighter level of the most basic
     I've seen some truely beautiful book objects that have come from
basic instructions or classes.  You can have ten people from the same
class produce the full spectrum of quality from the same level of
skills, from bad to magnificent.
     As "fine binding" usually requires a deeper skill
level, and a deeper understanding of the form and function of
structure, far fewer,I think, would have the desire, time, money and
drive to persue this path.  Of course those that would, will,
     I would think the satisfaction, or disatisfaction that is
derived from one's work would help direct a person to where they want
to go, and how deep.
     Scanners and digital software have allowed almost anyone to
produce asthetic "art", some good, some boilerplate, some
crap.  It also produces a mass of very similar stuff- all over the
world.  As a tool in the hands of a person with an artist's heart and
mind and spirit it can be an incredible, unmatched tool.  But too
much of similar art is not ART (of course each person has their own
criteria of what ART is).
     I think it's similar with the current direction in "book
arts".  There's alot of very similar "good stuff".
People are even making a living by mass producing "book
art"- and some of it is very nice, but it is also not a Michael
Wilcox binding, or a Tim Ely book.  I guess in the end it's whatever
blows your skirt up.


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