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[BKARTS] Book Arts Ephemera Database

The Arts of the Book Collection, part of the Arts Library at Yale
University, has a growing collection of ephemera documenting the world of
contemporary book arts.  As information about book artists and events can
be difficult to find, we hope that making the materials available on the
Internet will offer improved access to a wider group of readers.  This
database is a pilot project with a small selection of the materials.  We
received permission from the artists to make these images available to the
public and plan to include more material in the future.


This project was funded by a grant from Yale University Library's Standing
Committee on Professional Awareness. We would like to thank Karen Reardon
and George Ouellette of the YUL Systems Office for their expertise and
time. This database was created using software created by the Beinecke Rare
Book and Manuscript Library for its digital collections.

We welcome all feedback.

Jennifer Weintraub <jennifer.weintraub@xxxxxxxx>
Digital Collections Specialist
Jae Rossman <jae.rossman@xxxxxxxx>
Special Collections Librarian, Arts Library

Jae Jennifer Rossman
Special Collections Librarian, Arts Library &
Curator, Arts of the Book Collection
Yale University Library
PO Box 208240
New Haven CT  06520-8240 USA
(203) 432-1712
(203) 432-0549 (fax)

       See the Book_Arts-L FAQ at: <http://www.philobiblon.com>

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    consent of the author - Please respect their contributions & ©*

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