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Re: [BKARTS] Education?

In my part of the world, they say that it is easier to teach a tradesperson
to be 'artistic', than it is to teach an artist to conform to good
typographic conventions/controls.


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From: "kat" <kat@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2003 8:00 AM
Subject: Re: Education?

> As a person who recently graduated from college with a degree in graphic
> design, i can totally see where you're coming from, Darrell.  As a matter
> fact, when going through the program, i was often frustrated with the fact
> that things like pre-press were glossed over, and i feel that those things
> are crucial skills.  However, i have also see the portfolio of those
> who have gotten their education from the trade schools you spoke of and
> while techinically solid, they lacked that *oomph* that makes design go
> ok to something that really stands out. It really is about content.
> However, while you are totally correct- i have no idea what you're talking
> about when you say to make an add 2 col. by 6 inches, i can learn.  i
> the university professors figure that this stuff will come with being in
> actual job setting, and if you go off with solid design skills, the
> techinical stuff will follow.
> just my 0.02
> kat
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> From: "Darrell Ross" <DDsrtist@xxxxxxx>
> To: <BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2003 1:01 PM
> Subject: Education?
> > Who is better to educate?
> >
> > One who practices and works his craft/art?
> > Or one who has a piece of paper saying "I spent $100,000 saying I'm
> educated."
> >
> > And why are Tech schools doing so well? Is it because the instructors
> > also doing what they teach? The Universities Ivory Walls will always be
> there and
> > the practicing bookbinders are too busy to take on willing apprentices.
> >
> > And the future of the craft/art is in jeopardy because of it. Someone
> needs
> > to realize that the positions they hold are futile and must give up
> ground.
> >
> > As an Art Director for 20 years I've seen how dumbfounded a new
> for
> > a graphic design job can be. And by looking at their portfolio know
> > they went to school.
> >
> > Give them a photograph, text and logo. Tell them to make an add 2 col.
> 6
> > inches and they look at you as you just spoke some foreign language.
> Making
> > pretty pictures in Photoshop or Illustrator does not make one a graphic
> artist.
> > Anymore then an individual who knows Coptic binding makes him/her a
> bookmaker.
> > Artist or otherwise.
> >
> > Universities need to break out of their protectionism and have
> > people help teach their students and if bookbinders and bookmakers want
> keep
> > their art alive need to be willing to take on more apprentices.
> >
> > The elitism of art schools, book schools and so-called professional
> > organizations will be the source of their own downfall.
> >
> > I'm reminded of when computers were first affordable and graphic design
> > programs came out. All of a sudden I had competition from every mom and
> pop that
> > had space for a computer and they suddenly became graphic artist. My
> clients
> > wanted me to reduce my prices for layout and design and I said no. They
> went the
> > cheaper route and came back to me for help. It costs them twice as much
> the
> > second time around then if they just had me do it in the first place.
> >
> > Form and content is inseparable. Always has been and always will be. No
> > pretty cover, no flashy graphic and no fancy bookbinding will make the
> content any
> > different. If the soul of the project (content) has no matching spirit
> > (cover/design) then you might as well do as the pornographers do -- wrap
> it in a
> > brown paper bag. At least we all know what's inside.
> >
> > But then this is just my opinion...
> >
> > Darrell Ross
> > ddsrtist@xxxxxxx
> >

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