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Re: [BKARTS] Education?

I quite agree with you, Darrell. I've had an apprenticeship program in my
Waterleaf Mill & Bindery for 18 years and have rarely had trouble finding
eager apprentices to come work with me, even when I lived in San Miguel de
Allende, Mexico or Bisbee, Arizona. Now, after only 2 1/2 years in
California, I'm getting out. I'm moving to Tucson, Arizona where I can
afford my life and continue publishing and teaching. My apprenticeship
program will still be available after I return this summer. I have been
invited to teach Western Book Arts at Heibei University in China for 5
months. I'm really excited about this opportunity and the chance to get out
of California before I go broke!

More private bookbinders should take on apprentices. It's not that hard and
only a little change in habits and working styles. And it wouldn't flood
the book world with too much competition because only a few binders will be
willing to do it anyhow.

Patrice Baldwin
Waterleaf Mill & Bindery
Pequeno Press
Arizona Workshops! (2004)

>And why are Tech schools doing so well? Is it because the instructors are
>also doing what they teach? The Universities Ivory Walls will always be
there and
>the practicing bookbinders are too busy to take on willing apprentices.

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