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Re: [BKARTS] Japanese Papers from Japan

I don't know about international transactions, but Nancy Jacobi in Toronto,
Canada, has been laboring hard and well to save the Japanese paper-making
art for years, with gusto and will.  Her store is The Japanese Paper Place,
and she is worthy of all our support.  She is also the place for information
and sources for all those Japanese papers you want to know about.  I can't
imagine anybody more willing to share information on the subject.

Check out her Web site at www.japanesepaperplace.com.  You will be
supporting a kindred soul who has given so much to our field.

Signa Houghteling, Hand Bookbinders of California and Guild of Book Workers

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Greetings to the List:

Does anyone have experience of buying Japanese paper from Paper Nao in
Have you been happy with your purchases, etc?

The few suppliers here in Australia have only a limited range.  We have been
forming a collection of Japanese papers for about 20 years, but the papers
we find most useful in our work are now not available, or of limited and/or
uneconomical supply.  We have considered that buying directly from Japan
be the only way to overcome these difficulties.

Do any of the Listmembers have experience with any other suppliers in Japan
also have a good range of papers?

Thank you if you can help.

Peter Krantz

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