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[BKARTS] show at Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

For any one in the Washington area, there is an exhibit of craft work from
Newfoundland on display in the gallery at the Canadian embassy. A book I
made with sculptor Luben Boykov and painter/printmaker Elena Popova is
included. It is one in a varied edition of 18 books; the
illustrations are monoprints and the covers are laquered walnut with unique
bas-relief bronzes mounted on the front. The text is letterpress printed
onto the monotypes. Due to the variations among the monotypes, there was
only one poem of the 11 which could be printed in the same place on every
page. It was an adventure in printing AND binding, but one of those rare
collaborations with no disagreements. I would love to have some feedback
from anyone who has a chance to see it.

Below, the show statement from the Craft Council.

Enter the main door of the embassy; the gallery is downstairs to the left,
so it is available to the public.


Contemporary Studio Craft from Newfoundland and Labrador

This exhibit presents a dynamic collection of contemporary craft from
Newfoundland and Labrador.  Echoes and images of place, interpretations of
a distinctive culture and landscape, natural strength and warm humanity,
avant-garde design, the unique and the unexpected these words describe the
diverse and distinctive works that are created in Canada's easternmost

The people of this province have always prized their independence and
the  distinctiveness of their culture. Traditionally, craft skills were
used to make the objects needed for everyday survival.  Without losing
sight of the past, today's craftspeople combine the skills of their
forebears with the influences of contemporary society.

In response to an August invitation from the Canadian Embassy in
Washington, the Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador extended to its
members an invitation to participate.  The exhibition jury sought
consistency of quality, distinctive contemporary style and a personal
vision as they chose these works from the many proposals received.

Newfoundland and Labrador is home to many talented craftspeople.  This
exhibit highlights the work of fifteen of these as they transform
traditional materials and techniques into contemporary vehicles for wit and
whimsy, or serious introspection.

The exhibitors are:  Stephanie Barry, Don Beaubier, Luben Boykov, Tara
Bryan, Ray Cox, Diana Dabinett, Mike Flaherty, Susan Furneaux, Michael
Massie, Catherine McCausland, Shirley Moorhouse, Heather Reeves, Rachel
Ryan, Isabella St. John and Reed Weir.  You are invited to visit our
website at <http://www.craftcouncil.nf.ca/>www.craftcouncil.nf.ca where you
will discover the exciting depth and variety of craft from Newfoundland and

 CURRENTS shows the ebb and flow of daily life, the personal tides which
reflect this

craft community and this province on the eastern edge of Canada.

Tara Bryan
walking bird press
63 Deermarsh Road
Flatrock, Newfoundland A1K 1C8

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