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Re: [BKARTS] Education? - in China

Hello All,

Patrice Baldwin wrote:
<< I have been invited to teach Western Book Arts at Heibei University in China for 5 months.>>

I am a book and paper artist living in Tucson and I am the person who recruited Patrice and found her the job teaching book arts in China. I have been to China twice to teach conversational English. The Chinese administrators asked me to help them find more teachers and I agreed to help. I now actively seek individuals interested in short-term (2,3,4 weeks in the summer) or longer-term positions at several locations in China. All jobs pay a salary and provide free housing. Most are for teaching conversational English but some places ask for subject specialists such as Patrice's position in western book arts.Right now I'm looking for a music/piano teacher as well as English teachers. For a free email newsletter, write me at cjshane@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 

XiaLuiDi (my Chinese name, given me by my students)
in Tucson

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