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Re: [BKARTS] core skills

> suggested that the jurors were much tougher on the 'fine binding' works,
and that many were rejected. That might also account for a greater number of
people opting for the 'safer' category of artists' books...

On the other hand, some artist's book practicioners might find the idea of
working with an existing text and an historic structure to be a 'safer'
alternative to creating a piece based solely on their own vision. There can
certainly be a deeper base of technical knowledge necessary to create a fine
binding, but comparing the catagories is apples and oranges.

I would think that to label a work as "Fine Binding" sets a high standard by
definition - it's pretty cut and dried between a binding executed cleanly
and one that isn't - and the jurors would judge accordingly.

I'd be curious to know if there were "artist's books" accepted that could
have been considered "fine bindings" but would have failed in that category.

Roberta Lavadour
Mission Creek Press / Pendleton, Oregon

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