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[BKARTS] Artist books and fine bindings

The idea that there aren't enough design binders to submit to a GBW show is
too easy. Look at all the "set book" shows like the DaVinci show by the
Potomac Chapter of GBW. There are plenty of excellent fine binders around.

The maker of an ³artist book² (differentiating between artist books and
design bindings) creates the work from its beginning concept, chooses the
paper, the format, and then binds the book. It's my opinion that exhibits
with themes are more appealing to makers of artist books, where the theme
may work as a catalyst.

A ³fine binder² on the other hand, begins with fine printed sheets
interpreted by the printer or artist of the work. The paper and format are
pre-determined. The artistic vision begins from this point.

In a themed show the work of a fine binder begins with a search for suitable
sheets, which is quite frankly not terribly exciting, especially if you
already have sheets that have sparked an artistic vision and may not fit the

In naming a show, you automatically set boundaries.The Flight show has it's
own personality, which came from the response to the theme, not the number
of artist book makers or fine binders in our country.

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