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[BKARTS] Restoring Second-hand Board Shears

I bought some years ago a second-hand set of 36" board shears from
amongst the items available at Falkiner's Fine Papers in London.    They had
been well used as far as I could determine and were covered in patches of
glue, varnish and rust.   I suppose they must be, perhaps, 50 years
old.   They need remounting on a bench.

I have rubbed them down with garnet & emery paper and protected the surface
with phosphoric acid coat ( available as anti-rust compounds or gels in
any car spares shop with paint and tools, for example).   I have also
spent a couple of hours "grinding" the cutting bevel on both blades with
an 8" oilstone to restore the surface and edge.  Both halves are made from
steel 10mm thick.

I have looked in the archives, but answers to my queries are not shown,
nor on the Web using Google.  Paraffin wax was suggested as an edge
lubricant, though I suspect beeswax would be just as effective?

The opposing faces of the blades appear to have been coated with a
fine lacquer (now removed!) - the only part that showed as touching
was the area immediately adjacent to the cutting edge.   The angle of
the bevel on the bench blade was about 6 deg and on the curved,
hand-operated blade 15 deg.   If the faces were lacquered was this just
for surface protection I wonder?    Why were the bevels at two different
angles?    I can see no specific reason for these angles, probably they
have just arisen from the maker's experience.   Also the curved blade
has a very slight bow outwards so that the cutting edges
are crossing as the blade decends.  What do modern blades show?

Rodney Fry

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