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Re: [BKARTS] Restoring Second-hand Board Shears

In a message dated 10/31/03 5:21:55 PM, mandrfry@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<< I have looked in the archives, but answers to my queries are not shown,
nor on the Web using Google.  Paraffin wax was suggested as an edge
lubricant, though I suspect beeswax would be just as effective? >>

I have been using a Mineral Oil and Mineral Spirits product that is sold as
SWELL by restaurant supply houses. It is mainly used to clean stainless steel,
but I have found it to be superb for our board shear. Since we occasionally
cut things that have double-sided tape, the SWELL removes the adhesive residue
as well as lubricates the blade. Note: It dries fairly quickly, but we remove
any excess so there is minimal residue.

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