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[BKARTS] cotton paper for a laser printer

I have a project where several copies of a fairly long book need to be
printed and bound.  I seem to have found an excellent local
bookbinder, but have trouble with getting the copies printed.

Two pages fit onto a letter page (8.5"x11"); the printing needs to be
duplex (naturally).  The pages will be folded once, therefore the
grain direction for the letter-sized paper needs to be along the short
side.  To complicate matters further, I'd like to print on 100% cotton
archival paper.

Many cotton papers come with watermarks.  I don't remember seeing a
book printed on watermarked paper and I'm concerned about the
distraction it'll cause (especially taking into account that the
watermark will be in different locations on different pages).
Therefore, I was looking for a paper with no watermark.  How justified
am I in being concerned about this?

I could either print myself, or go to an outside printer.  So far,
I've been unable to find a printer that would not be confused with my
request (I am in Ann Arbor, and if you'd like to suggest a printer,
I'd be most grateful).  I have access to an HP LaserJet 4100 printer
with an auto-duplexer, but I am not sure what papers it'll handle.
The specification says that the duplexer only accepts long-grain paper
with density up to 105 g/m^2 (28 lb).  The specification for a very
similar 4200 model, however, does not mention grain direction and
claims to have an auto-duplexer that will accept paper up to 120 g/m^2
(32 lb) in density.

Does anyone have experience with 4100 duplexer and 120-g/m^2 (32-lb)

What about the 4100 duplexer and short-grain paper?  Would the unusual
grain direction simply cause more curling or am I looking at potential

Any tips for settings on the printer?  (I was planning to set toner
density to maximum and switch economode off -- and print in true
1200-dpi mode, of course: I can actually see steps in 600-dpi

Most importantly, what papers should I consider?  I am looking at
Arches Text Wove, available from artpapers.com; it is, however, 120
g/m^2.  I'd actually prefer a 100% cotton paper with basis weight of
105 g/m^2 (28 lb) or less.

Where should I have whatever paper I buy cut?  (I have access to a
manual paper cutter but lack the confidence to operate it.)

Thank you very much,
Stanislav Shalunov              http://www.internet2.edu/~shalunov/

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