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Re: [BKARTS] artist book...

please let me clarify:
i am in support of ALL creative endeavors...i apologize if my post gave
another impression! i am one with no formal training who is pursuing
both of these arenas at this time. i alter books and create artists
books with fervor...yet i am also silently learning the mechanics of
animation and bookbinding. i am working on an animated artists edition
to enter in Ed's Stand and Deliver competition...the attitude of this
list does disturb me too though, in that there is a stigma attached to
various book crafts. i hate to think that my post added to that!
(perhaps my talent is more with the image than with the word, but yet,
i am trying)
i have a sour taste in my mouth for mass produced and very commercial
art. the rubber stamp/scrapbook crowd is victim to this. i have great
disdain for this, not for the crafts that these people are pursuing.  i
see a lot of buying products and using them in a copy cat manner--so
much hype about the product, instead of about the art...these things
turn me off a lot. but,  this is balanced by the very positive thing of
millions of non-artist types getting into creative activities! people
that might have chosen knitting as their creative expression, but now
are creating and bringing book arts to a different level. so i remain
neutral. i again apologize if i sounded negative.
as for the more traditional book crafts, i am very envious of those
that have chosen this as their profession and have kept these crafts
alive. they are the backbone and the spine. i like knowing how things
are done and in order to re-construct a book, i am finding a need to
learn to construct it. i learn alot from what is said on this list and
usually lurk due to my inadequacies regarding traditional skills and
the general professional tone of this list. i may not find myself
working anytime as a formal bookbinder, but i certainly can appreciate
the skills of one as they gently and meticulously create a book at the
same time i appreciate the skills of a person at home with their
altered book in front of them ripping out pages to create new ones.
creativity is my passion. the craft of books is my interest. to learn
about them my mission. isn't this is why we are all here??!!

On Thursday, October 30, 2003, at 12:01 AM, Automatic digest processor

Grant you, there are many women currently pursuing this, perhaps as
amusement or as art. Though you seem to be in support to some extent,
you seem to be denigrating both (and I'm not just singling out the
person who emailed below).

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