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Re: [BKARTS] cotton paper for a laser printer

On Mon, 3 Nov 2003, stanislav shalunov wrote:

> Many cotton papers come with watermarks.  I don't remember seeing a
> book printed on watermarked paper and I'm concerned about the
> distraction it'll cause (especially taking into account that the
> watermark will be in different locations on different pages).
> Therefore, I was looking for a paper with no watermark.  How justified
> am I in being concerned about this?

There's certainly a long tradition of books being printed on paper with
watermarks (as long as the tradition of books printed on paper at all, I
think), and it hasn't seemed distracting to me in the ones I've studied.
I suppose that a really big, deeply imprinted watermark might be

A lot of universities have archival paper requirements for theses; I
suspect that any paper recommended for thesis use would work in a laser
printer and wouldn't have a watermark that was overly distracting when the
paper's printed.  Some thesis paper is only 25% cotton, but this page
http://www.lib.neu.edu/archives/collect/thesis.htm lists some that are

I hope others on this list with more direct experience can answer your
other questions.


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