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Re: [BKARTS] cotton paper for a laser printer

"Rachel M. Kadel-Garcia" <rachel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> There's certainly a long tradition of books being printed on paper with
> watermarks (as long as the tradition of books printed on paper at all, I
> think), and it hasn't seemed distracting to me in the ones I've studied.

I suppose it's entirely likely that I don't remember seeing watermarks
in books because they are actually not obtrusive.

> A lot of universities have archival paper requirements for theses;

``Thesis paper'' as it is commonly available is typically 8.5"x11"
long grain.  I need short grain of that size.

> http://www.lib.neu.edu/archives/collect/thesis.htm lists some that are
> 100%.

The page lists three 100% cotton papers:

* Mead Premium Business Stationery with 100% Cotton Fiber;

* Southworth 100% Cotton Fiber Paper;

* Strathmore Bond or 100% Cotton Paper.

Neither of these seems to be an easy solution.

Mead Premium Business Stationery with 100% Cotton Fiber: I've found
20-lb and 24-lb varieties on the web (letter-sized long-grain only).
Neither claims ``acid-free'' or ``archival'' on the box.  Given the
story with Southworth below, I'd hesitate to assume that this paper is

Southworth 100% Cotton Fiber Paper: According to a message to this list
most Southworth papers (including this one) are not acid-free.  Eaton
item 35-120-10 100% cotton bright white (20lb) is apparently the only
acid-free 100% cotton paper from Eaton/Southworth.  I've been unable
to find a supplier that carries anything other than letter-sized
long-grain cut of that paper.

Strathmore Bond or 100% Cotton Paper: According to the manufacturer's
page at http://www.ippaper.com/strathmore_pure_cotton.html, Strathmore
Pure Cotton is only sold in large sheets (which I'd need to get short
grain) with a watermark and in 24-lb weight.  Even with a watermark,
there seems to be no presence of this paper in large sheets in any
catalog I could check on the web.  It is an acid-free 100% cotton

Stanislav Shalunov              http://www.internet2.edu/~shalunov/

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