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Re: [BKARTS] cotton paper for a laser printer

Manufacturers are not the ones to deal with, distributors are.  Look in
your yellow pages and find the various suppliers of paper. Call each of
them and tell them what you are looking for (100 percent cotton fiber,
short grain, and either a neutral or alkaline pH) and ask if they are
able to supply it.  In most cases (in larger cities at least) you will
find distributors who custom cut to clients' needs. You might need to
contact parent companies of your local warehouses and get them to ship
your order to you.

I have been able to order small amounts of short grain Mohawk Superfine
Text paper (premium grade paper: 100% cotton, alkaline buffered) with no

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stanislav shalunov wrote:

The page lists three 100% cotton papers:

* Mead Premium Business Stationery with 100% Cotton Fiber;

* Southworth 100% Cotton Fiber Paper;

* Strathmore Bond or 100% Cotton Paper.

Neither of these seems to be an easy solution.

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