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Re: [BKARTS] Restoring Second-hand Board Shears

 "Also the curved blade has a very slight bow outwards
"so that the cutting edges are crossing as the blade
"decends. What do modern blades show?
"Rodney Fry

If you look at any fine pair of scissors you will see
the same curvature and gap between the blades. It
means that the blades are bearing on each other only
at the point where cutting is taking place, making
sure that the blades are in contact and reducing
friction. With the slight curvature of the blade, the
joint must have a slight bit of play, which means that
keeping the blades in contact or holding them apart is
in the control of the user (ever tried to cut a piece
of paper and had it bend down without cutting? Maybe
not since you were five years old, but think back). I
have known board shears to be damaged when a user who
didn't know enough to keep the blades pulled together
readjusted the blade setting into tight contact all
along, apparently trying to flatten out the curved
blade. Modern, inferior, paper cutters sometimes have
both blades flat, but its not a sign of quality.

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