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Re: [BKARTS] BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 30 Oct 2003 to 31 Oct 2003 (#2003-301)

Hi Audrey,
I just went to Japan this past January, and loved it. Two of my favorite
bookartsy places:

(1) Morita Japanese Paper Co., in Kyoto. FANTASTIC selection of Japanese
papers at very reasonable prices, though the clerks were a tad snooty (which
was unusual). I bought more paper than I could carry, and I wish I had
bought more. I only have their address in Japanese, which I cannot read, but
their shop's phone number is (075)341-1419. I got their card from the
tourist information center near the train station in Kyoto; they can no
doubt direct you to the shop, and other paper arts stuff in the area.

(2) The Obara Paper Art Museum, sort of near Nagoya. Their URL is
www.vill.obara.aichi.jp/washi. It is a washi village, sort of -- I think it
is run by some Japanese equivalent of the Parks Service. They are not always
engaged in making paper (it's seasonal), but they have short workshops
(which are quite fun), and a mind-boggling museum. I was with a Japanese
couple who translated for me, so I don't know how polyglot the place is, but
they were certainly friendly.

I never succeeded in finding a bookbinding-type class that could be taken at
short notice, in English, but there must be one somewhere. Kyoto is probably
a good place to look, as it is something of a center for the preservation of
Japanese culture.

And finally, may I suggest a visit to the Meguro Parasitological Museum, in
Tokyo? It's not at all related to books or paper, but they have a 26-foot
tapeworm encased in lucite, and one of the great museum gift shops of the
world. Really.

If you have any related or follow-up questions, feel free to email me
off-line. I highly recommend the trip -- Japan's fun, weird, and friendly.


Paper will stand anything you write on it.
 -- Lenin
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> I am considering going to Japan. Does anyone have any information about
> arts in Japan?
> Audrey

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