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Re: [BKARTS] cotton paper for a laser printer

This is a summary of my findings with the help of this mailing list.
The quest was for 100% cotton unwatermarked archival paper no more
dense than 105g/m^2 (for laser printing), available in large sheets
(so that it could be cut to 8.5"x11" short-grain).

I've considered the following papers:

* Crane's Text unwatermarked -- according to email and telephone
  communication from two different company representatives, this paper
  has pH 4.5 and is, therefore, not archival.  The company's only
  non-acidic text paper (their thesis paper) is only available in
  8.5"x11" long-grain with a watermark.

* Mohawk Superfine Text -- this is a wood pulp paper.  According to
  telephone communication from a company representative, all Mohawk
  papers are wood pulp only.

* Mead Premium Business Stationery with 100% Cotton Fiber -- the spec
  does not claim ``archival'' or ``acid-free.''  I could not easily
  obtain a sample for testing, but I'd assume that this paper is acidic.

* Southworth 100% Cotton Fiber Paper -- acidic, according to

* Eaton item 35-120-10 100% cotton bright white (20lb) -- does not
  appear to be available in large sheets.

* Rives Lightweight -- at 115g/m^2 is not much lighter than Arches
  Text, but reportedly accepts laser printer toner not as well.

* Strathmore Pure Cotton -- meets all requirements except all large
  sheets come with watermarks.

* Classic 100% Cotton -- meets all requirements except always comes
  with watermarks.

* Arches Text Wove -- at 120g/m^2 is likely to be too heavy for common
  laser printers in duplex mode.  I don't look forward to hand-feeding
  thousands of sheets.

It appears that Strathmore Pure Cotton and Classic 100% Cotton best
meet my requirements, while Arches Text is probably acceptable,
especially if I am to accept hand-feeding (and loss of my time and
text displacement associated with it).  Arches Text apparently uses
longer fibers and is therefore almost twice more expensive per sheet
than the other two papers (part of the price difference could also be
explained by brand reputation).  However, Arches paper is readily
available by the sheet from
http://www.artpaper.com/papers/archtxtwv.html while the other two
papers would require working with a paper distributor, which seems to
require a large purchase and/or a hefty markup.

Other tips I received were:

* Not to worry about watermarks -- it looks like no single 100% cotton
  archival text-weight paper is available, so I'll have to accept

* Not to print in 1200dpi mode and get the paper damp before printing
  -- it looks to me like this is not only a recipe for good traction
  with the rollers, but also a recipe for not having the toner adhere
  to the paper properly, especially for anything heavier than standard
  office 20-lb paper.  Carefully avoiding letting the fuser do its job
  does not appear to be an approach without its drawbacks.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me.

Stanislav Shalunov              http://www.internet2.edu/~shalunov/

"The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by
those who have not got it."                     -- G. B. Shaw

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