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Re: [BKARTS] Free to good home

Is it still available? I am very interested.

Bridget Bryson

RLavadour wrote:

> At our local Friends of the Library book sale last month, on Sunday it was
> "all the books you could stuff into a bag for $1", and there were a couple
> of things that were just too good to leave for the dumpster.
> One book is missing covers, just a text block in good shape, but might make
> a nice rebinding project for a student of conservation and repair, or an
> experienced binder with an interest in this facet of history, or for a
> library where it could be re-shelved.
> First come, first served. Please, no "altered book" practicioners - "not
> that there's anything wrong with that", but this is too nice a volume to be
> altered.
> Here's the scoop:
> Life
> of
> Abraham Lincoln
> presenting
> his early history, political career and speeches in
> and out of congress; also a general
> view of his polity as
> President of the United States;
> with his
> messages, proclamations, letters, etc.
> and a
> history of his eventful administration, and of the
> scenes attendant upon his tragic
> and lamented demise.
> by
> Joseph H. Barrett,
> Commissioner of Pensions,
> Washington, DC
> Publishers:
> Moore, Wilstach & Baldwin,
> 25 West Forth Street Cincinnati.
> New York, 60 Walker Street
> 1865.
> This book was published within months of Lincoln's assasination (April,
> 1865) and is a facinating read. (ok, I didn't read ALL of it, but the parts
> I did read were really interesting). It is sewn on sunken cords, 8.5 x 6 x 2
> inches, approx. The first section is unattached and contains the title page
> (transcribed above) as well as a very nice engraving of Lincoln,
> "Photographed by Brady & Engraved by A.H. Ritchie espressly for this work",
> that has been nicely protected by the tissue overlay. Very little foxing -
> pages are in very good shape.
> You pay shipping to your location.
> with best wishes,
> Roberta
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> Roberta Lavadour
> Mission Creek Press / Pendleton, Oregon
> http://www.missioncreekpress.com/newwork.htm

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