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Re: [BKARTS] Unikat

"Father of day, father of night" is an old Dylan song, which has been
covered by various artists (including Manfred Man) -- that's as much as I
know -- perhaps someone created a book to commemorate an event?

Also, Galerie auf Zeit is (was?) in Berlin, run by Thomas Gunther, artist
and publisher of Editions Galerie auf Zeit.  He recently had a show at
PABA (see http://www.pabagallery.com/exhibitions.cfm?task=detail&id=15).
You might try contacting Gunther.


On Fri, 7 Nov 2003, Richard Noble wrote:

> [Also posted to exlibris]
> I am faced with a large artist's book "Father of day, father of night",
> with text by Bob Dylan, issued by Galerie auf Zeit, described as "II.
> unikat [Unikat?] Buch v. Michael Wuerzberger". From various Google and
> online dictionary efforts I can't tell what the term "unikat" or "Unikat"
> really means, or whether its meaning is rather fluid. The word turns up in
> both German and Polish.
> Does it denote it a unique item? A singular sort of item? A "curiosity" (as
> one online Polish dictionary has it)? An object handmade by a single
> person, perhaps including objects of identical design but unique execution?
> There are signs that may be a term subject to some commercial abuse. At any
> rate, as far as I can tell, ours is a handwritten, hand-decorated book, and
> nobody else seems to have it.
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