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Re: [BKARTS] artist addresses

on 11/7/03 8:36 AM, Betty Bright at bright@xxxxxxx wrote:

> To members of the Book_Arts-list,
> I wonder if anyone on the list can help me by providing contact information
> for the following artists. I am preparing a manuscript for publication, and
> would like to request their permission to reproduce an image of their works.
> Email, phone, snail address...any and all clues will be much appreciated.
> Many thanks! Betty Bright
> Ida Applebroog
> Leonard Baskin estate
> Ulises Carrion estate
> Antonio Frasconi
> Marty Greenbaum
> Melissa Gurdus
> Davi Det Hompson estate
> Suzanne Lacy
> Dieter Roth estate
> Michelle Stuart

Michelle Stuart has a website, but I don't now about the other artists.

Ruth Roberson
AmeriCorps Promise Fellow Leader
California Institute on Human Service
Sonoma State University

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