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Re: [BKARTS] Hot Stamping

While I've never tried to get atomized gold off the carrier, I do use
foil for hand tooling.Here's how I do it:
Put the book between a couple of pieces of binders' board and into a
finishing press. Using a sharp 6H pencil, mark out the foil with a
vertical centerline and lines for the tooling and title.Tape the foil to
the protective boards and across the spine. Tool through the foil.As
Mike said in his post, temp should be such that when you put a drop of
water on the tool, you get a slow sizzle. If your machine stamping
generally works, this technique should serve.
Good luck.

Don Rash

> Chuck Videto wrote:
> I do most of my hot stamping w/ a Kwik Print. However, I  once saw a binder
> use his hand palette to lift the gold off the foil & then hot stamp
> directly onto the leather spine. When I try this myself, it doesn't work.
> Any hints as to how I can do this successfully? TIA

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